czwartek, 20 stycznia 2011

Moscow Trojan Skins interview

1.could you introduce yourself and tell us what is the Moscow Trojan Skinhead Crew???
2.Are you an antifascist skinheads crew? If so is not better to be a apolitical skinhead and don't be in trouble with nazi skinheads?
3.I know in Moscow Is very strong nazi skinheads movement. do you have any problems with them?
4.Can you tell us some more about Moscow skinheads history, who were the first skinhead band in Moscow or Russia, label, fanzine, crew???
5.You're sharp skinheads, so what is your opinion about politics in skinhead scene and movements like RASH or redskins? There is many RASH or redskins in Moscow? do you cooperate with them?
6.Do you have any football team which you support? Whats about hooligans there are almost nazi aswell?
7.Whats about antifa Moscow who they are? I mean they are hippe pretend street warriors or they are really strong antifascist movement?
8.what any other skinhead initiatives can you recomend us from your city and country? Any good bands, fanzines, labels?
9.Any plans to the nearest future with Moscow Trojan Skinheads?
10. Any word to the end?

1)We are not an organization. We just a friends, who want to stand up skinhead culture in Moscow. We are ready to defend this using different ways. We organize shows, we do magazines, some members of MTS play traditional music in their bands. Some of uy loves mores tradition black music, like jamaican. ska, reggae and rockstedy, and american soul music some of us more in oi-streetpunk stuff, some of us prefered oldschool american hardcore, like Warzon, Slapshot agnostic front. So we named Trojan but not all members seems to be reggae fans and being into involved traditional skinhead culture of 60's. We are proudly call ourselfes antiracist, for make a stand against nazis, and we don't hide our patriotic views, we love our town, our country, there's no words about goverment, for this every member of crew can have his own point of view.

2-3)We are found ourselves antifashist, an same time not involved in any politics. We just make jur stand at first for the skinhead culture. And yes some times we have troubles with nazi. Keep kicking them in thier stupid heads
Unfortunately, therem manu boneheads, nazi hooligans on casual stye, and other righ-winged scum Of course, there are troubles with them. But for last 5 years sitation becomes better i think. Now We Have prety strong anti-nazi movement, on oi-punk, hardcore, reggae, wich arranged by us or our friends where's nazi free zone...and they even afraid to come around. Sometimes we also have trying sabotage their shows. You may start laughing. but greatest problem are "apolitcal" and right-winged football hooligans, wich ussally you can meet, for your suprise, at ska, ska-punk shows...we don't like this scene a lot only Distemper and Spitfire have storng anti nazi position and maybe some young bands. So fights with nazis as usual starts near this so called "ska-concerts". It's make us sick, how can you be right-winged racist, and listen to the music with black jamaican roots same time.

4)There's still no pure skinhead label in Moscow. We Have ome Zines, Streetprint Zine from our Friend Pankrat from Perm, vety nice zine about skinhead culture. i think first SHARP, RASH and Trads groups start growing in 90's. Guys from Distemper wer involved in skinhead culture in early 90s, they said that it starts early form pun[ in middle of 80s/ Now This Guys areour Friends, we have made a great anti-racist stand up on Moscow and Russian Sks scene.Nazi movement start arranging in 90-s too and became very popular in end of 90s early 2000s, now it's not so strong. First Skinhead group i think it was oi band Uchitel Truda, we don't like them a lot. more jokes than really deal, their find themselves apolitical, for them it means thay they have nothing to do with nazi. We don't think so. We always ready for fight not for our politicl views, but for our friends and our culture

5)We think, that like red like anarchy like apolitical policy can be accepted in society. But not for MTS. We are strong apolitical crew...wish means that wheres no maintain political idea for the members of crew, but each member can have his own political position. We have some RASH friends, but honestly, we don’t support any policy among skinhead culture. We cooperate with RASH sometimes.

6)We don’t have football team.//but most of them never will do nothing for their politics, their interested only in their troubles, firms, and etc.i think last casual cloathing mode trands more interested for them than any politics. Everybody of MTS support different football teams. Nazi views is very popular among hooligans in Russia. But we have strong freindship witn our neibours from Bellarussia(MTZ -RIPO form Minsk and FC NEMAN from Grodno have antinazi supportetrs) and Ukraine (Arsenal From Kiev have antiracist ultras gang too).

7)Who is antifa? People who support antifascism? In Russia antifa is very complicated notion. MTS are skins. We don’t call ourselfes antifa. We are antifascists. But at first we are skinhead crew. In Moscow antifa can be like hippie like tough guy who can smash the fash. And they can be just people. There is no any constant form for them. We some people whom call ourselfes antifa we can have deal, some of them are not being found very nice by the crew. We don't have such strong anti nazi movement like in Germany o France. Hope it Wil grow up with time

8)We recommend you to contact with RASH. We recommend to check our top friends list on myspace page( all bands are showed there.

9) Now we trying to arrange skinhead label in Moscow looking for news on our pages i think it wil come soon. Already we have made many oi-punk-hardcore shows some reggae allnighter parties. In March Here in Moscow we doing gig for streetpunk legends from Poland, The Analogs, and bellorussian oi-heroes Mister X, they are close friends of us.

10)To make more shows, to keep standing for our believs, to develop skin scene more and more. We do things we really believ in. Stay Rude, Stay True, Stay rebel. Good luck.