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Klasse Kriminale interview

1. Can you introduce the band history to our readers please?

I founded Klasse Kriminale in 1985. In 1988, after some line-up changes, Klasse Kriminale recorded their first single "Costruito In Italia", which did well in Italy as well as abroad.
Shows followed with The Stab, Rappresaglia, Ghetto 84, Nabat, Red Alert, Lurkers, GBH, Oppressed, Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69, Red London, Public Toys, Agnostic Front, Toy Dolls, Snap Her, Stage Bottles, GBH, Discipline, Cockney Rejects...
We then went on to play many shows in the UK, Germany, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Japan, USA and Canada; we also toured in Italy with US Bombs, Dropkick Murphys, The Business, The Toasters; we have played at anti-racist and anti-fascist meetings and played at european festivals, such as Holidays In The Sun, Wasted, Rebellion, Monte Paradiso, Rude Boy Unity Festival, Force Attack, United Voices, Linden Punk, Punk & Disorderly...
The new Klasse Kriminale album "STRENGTH & UNITY" is out now on Havin'A Laugh Records, with 15 tracks that feed on classic Punk, Oi! spirit, HC rage, Ska/Reggae and style.
We have teamed up with veteran London Oi! band The Gonads to release a joint e.p. called "OI! THE RESURRECTION" (out on Havin'A Laugh). The limited ediction e.p. features two songs from each band. Klasse Kriminale has contribuited "Klasse Kriminale" and "Land Of Hope & Glory" - Garry Johnson's poem given a haunting musical arrangement. The Gonads have recorded two exclusive tracks, "SVL" and a new ska arrangement of "Getting Pissed".

2. You've just recently release the 'STRENGHT & UNITY' album through Havin’ a laugh records -your label, so how has it been received by the supporters of your band?

Nowdays "STRENGTH & UNITY" has been reviewed by the italian music magazines with very positive feedbacks. The new album reached the 10th position on the italian indie chart. The KK supporters love "STRENGTH & UNITY"!

3. You also do fanzine Kriminal Class, Run you distribution and play in your band includes traveling over the world with your band. You also have a family, have some sleep and eat, how do you find the time to connect all this things right? Could you tell us something about your fanzine and Havin’a laugh records?

You forget that I work on the docks also! It's no easy to keep everything OK but this music is my life.
For example now the new Kriminal Class fanzine issue is in stand by, I hope to make it after February.
About Havin'A Laugh Records, I have several planes and various bands asked me about a production, but now I'm focused on the distribution and promotion of "OI! THE RESURRECTION ep" and ""STRENGTH & UNITY" CD

4. I don’t know any more bands whos released more records than yours and have so big discography. I try to counted but I couldn’t can you tell me how many albums did you release (all discography)

In their 20 year career, Klasse Kriminale has recorded: "Costruito In Italia" (debut single), "Ci Incotreremo Ancora Un Giorno" (debut Album); "Faccia A Faccia" (for the sub-label of New Rose, Division Nada, managed by Francois, ex Berurier Noir and with Alteau's artworks); "Ragazzi Come Tu & Me" (7" single), "I Ragazzi Sono Innocenti"; "1985-95, Orgoglio Per Le Tue Passioni" (double 7" produced by Paul Chain); "Live/Vivo" (live album); "Mind Invaders" (7" single, featured by Luther Blissett); "Electric Caravanas" (produced by Jimmy "Sham 69" Pursey); "I Know This Boy" (with Riccardo Pedrini, writer and Nabat guitarist); "International Soldier" (CD single); "Stai Vivendo O Stai Sopravvivendo?"; "Welcome To Genoa" (Against Police brutality in 2001 G8); "Live & Loud", "Klasse Kriminale" (Featured Vic Ruggiero "Slackers". Issued in different countries with different cover colours) ; "Heavyweight Oi! Championship Of The World" (The Oppressed vs Klasse Kriminale split e.p.), "Strength & Unity" (the new album); "Oi! The Resurrection" (Klasse Kriminale & The Gonads split e.p.).
Some greatest hits came out of Argentina "Motinado En El Mundo", Brazil "O Melhor Da", Japan "Riot! Are You Ready?" and in all european countries such as "The Best Of" came out on Captain Oi! in England or "Desruktivni Generace" in Czech Republic or "History Of... - Germany...

5. You had tournee in Japan this year. How was it? Can you tell us how look japanesse skinhead scene? it’s different of the European?

In June 2006, Tomiko & Hide from Blue Paradise (wich is more than a shop, a magic place where you can meet the kids of the Far East) invited me to the second edition of the Ace Boon Jaming Festival. I sang some Klasse Kriminale songs together Anger Flares in Osaka and with Hazan in Tsuchiura City. In November 2006 The Bootstomp Records released "Riot! Are You Ready?" CD, 18 Oi! classic collection re-recorded stronger and louder than the original. Dolls, a monthly Japanese Punk magazine published since the '80's, made me 2 interviews (Out on issue NO. 228 and issue NO. 232) to promote the new Klasse Kriminale album and our Japan tour. In February 2007 Klasse Kriminale discharged in Japan to promote "Riot! Are You Ready?".
Our tour (8 dates) was very D.I.Y., fueled by the wonder to know this different reality. The time in Japan was exciting but it's very difficult to understand the japanese reality, I didn't notice any violence, drugs or political conflict. I saw really good bands, good records shops, interested people with perfect style.

6. What is punk rock for you? Does it changed your life?

Punk was more than music, it was a revolution, a culture war, that gave a chance to the people to change the life and start thinking with their own mind.
Punk is everywhere in fashion parade, in graphics, in TV adverts...
Yes, Punk changed my life! Punk changed everything, not just our look... our lives

7. How do you estimate punk and skinhead scene these days in comparison to the ones when they were born?

I didn't see any difference between me in 1980 and a young today Punk because the world didn't changed at all: same injustice, same violence, same no future...
Now in Italy the scene is a little bit quite, after 2 big moment in 1982 and 1995... Anyway there are many young Skins and Punks and new bands...I think we should all restart from small and simple things to rebuild a strong and proud scene.

8. Klasse Kriminale was a non political band, now you represent strong left wing of the skinhead scene. Where does that changes came from?

Klasse Kriminale want to take on a POSITION!
We are anti racist, related to street life.
For me "politics" is always the politics of the life. It means to fight for our interest, hopes, dreams and rights.
We use music to comunicate, to change, to give kids a chance!
I think that from the individual start all the society change

9. You're also a very Anti Fascist band so do you get much stick from the Far Right and the Apolitical crowd because of your beliefs?

Nazi hate me and Klasse Kriminale, they attack me same time in Italy and Europe.
Klasse Kriminale have the same problems of Sham 69 or Angelic Upstarts. I believed in what Jimmy Pursey and Mensi where saying: "Talk with them, listen and try to get them back where they belong" I am not talking about the people that organise the white noise movement but the kids listening to that shit.

10. I know you supporting RASH and SHARP skinheads? What do you think about politics interferation in being a skin or punk, cause there’s a lot people who don’t suit that.

For Punks and Skinheads style is very important, but is not only latest faschion, it's rebelion against establishment.

11. Do you have or had any problems with nazi wankers on your gigs or in your town? How does the situation with boneheads in Italy looks?

We don't have problem in our town with the nazi, Savona is a free nazi zone, but in Italy there are some polluted nazi area.

12. What about apolitical Oi! ? In Poland it’s only a cover for drinking beer with right-handed wankers. Is it a like in Italy?

To define yourself apolitic it doesn't means that you don't have to take a position and keep yourself out of touch with the social reality. The one who hide himself behind the word apolitic to not make a choice is only a coward.

13. You recorded special song about the police brutality during the riots in Genoa in 2001. What is your opinion about G8?

Eat the rich or the rich will eat you!

14. Which new good Oi! Punk bands from Italy would you reccomend for the Skinhead Revolt readers?

The new S-Contro and Tennentz Colombo albums are very good. Other interesting italian bands are: Feccia Oi!, Bull Brigade, Gavroche, Concrete Block, Razzapparte, Youngang, Automatica Aggregazione, Teenage Revenge, Prima Linea, Haine, Cervelli Stanki...

15. Do you have anything to say for the ending?
Havinng a laugh and having a say... do it your way not theirs!!!
Contact me:
Marco Balestrino, CP 426 (centrale), 17100, Savona, Italy